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Lice in Children, Teens and Adults.


In case you have been affected by head lice, you will know how sinister the problem is. Even the thought of those tiny creatures crawling on the head makes one shiver. Most of us think that if one has lice hygiene is poor, but on the contrary, lice thrive better on clean hair. They tend to spread from one person to another.

It is very common among children to get head lice and almost every kid is sure to get it at some point of their school life. It is possible to get lice just by hugging someone, sharing hats or even during games.

One cannot be very sure about the beginning of lice infestation and that is also one of the main reasons why this condition has not been eradicated till now. It goes away once you start the treatment but it may come back again and some people have reoccurring lice problem. If you suffer from lice, you are not the only one and it has come to you from some other individual. According to data there are more than 10 million people who suffer from lice infestation every year. Girls get this problem most often and children between the ages of 3 to 12 are most susceptible to lice but anyone can suffer from it.

Parents try to find the best and the most effective solution for lice once they get to know that the child is suffering from this bug. In fact lice moves very fast and it is possible for an adult lice to go from one head to another laying eggs without one realizing it.  It is a good idea to get more information as soon as possible as head lice are very contagious and are best treated immediately.  Accessories like combs, brush etc which are used for the hair should be cleaned. One can take the help of special shampoos which have natural ingredients to get rid of lice.

Anyone can get lice and it is not associated with poor hygiene.




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