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Have you noticed that bedbugs are increasingly making headlines? What exactly are these bugs and how do you check for them?


Bedbugs are small wingless insects that feed on blood. Not only do they feed on human blood, they also feed on most warm blooded animals, including your household pets. Bedbugs have infested homes, offices, and even movie theaters. They have been found in hotels and on cruise ships. They have even been found in clothing stores on new clothing. 


If you are concerned that you have bedbugs there are a few places to look and some signs you can look for. One is in the creases of your bed linens and seams of your mattress and box springs. Another is in your drapery. Bedbugs like to hide where it is dark. What you are looking for is fecal matter from the bedbugs, which can range in color from black to dark brown. You may find dead bugs -the adult bugs are about 1/4 inch long. You may even be able to find the eggs of bedbugs and even the casings of dead bugs. 


The bite of the bedbug may itch and burn. The bites are generally spaced together in groups of three and are raised red bumps.


Homeowners can become desperate when they realize their homes are infested with these bugs. The EPA has warned consumers not to use outdoor pesticides and other chemicals indoors. 













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