How to Check for Head Lice
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Checking for Head Lice


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How to check for head lice

Examine head under bright lights or with a flashlight- we found that sunlight and a magnifying glass also works really well. Head lice can be hard to detect because they are small, and move rather quickly, and and newly laid eggs are about the size of a poppy seed and can be can be transparent. The empty egg shells are called nits and can be yellowish brown to white. Be sure to move head around in the light to check all angles. 


*Begin at the nape of the neck and work your way up to the crown, taking care to also look behind ears. Pinning hair up and going through it in small sections works best. Once this first section is checked, part the hair either to the left or right of your original part and check again. 


*After the back portion of the head is complete, part your childís hair from the crown to the front and repeat the process for this part of the hair.  


*Examine the scalp closely, as eggs attach themselves to the hair shaft. Eggs and nits are different from dandruff in that you canít shake or blow them away, they must be scraped away with fingernail. 


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