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            Life Organics manufactures natural based lice treatments that offer the best results when used as a kit. Each kit offers a special step to help rid the body and the head of lice!

Step 1  - a special enzyme solution that forces the lice and the louse egg to release its forceful grip. This is a very important first step since the eggs also must be removed to prevent re-infestation.

Step 2 - A special blended shampoo that uses a proven mixture of natural essential oils and and natural plant oils to kill the existing lice and lice eggs that are on the body or on the scalp or head. It is sage for all ages!  

Step 3 - A shampoo that is made to remove the very heavy oils that are not on the scalp, hair and body. Regular shampoos can take weeks to remove all of this oil. Hair is matted and weighed down. This shampoo, while very effective is still a gentle shampoo to remove the excess oils to return hair back to its normal state - now lice free!












  Natural Lice Treatment

Safe and Effective

Lice Killing Shampoo

Kill Lice ONCE and For All!!!








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   If you don't get the results you would like return the unused portion for your money back


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