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What are the active and inactive ingredients in drugstore lice killers such as RID and Nix? What are the safety precautions of drugstore lice killers?


Pyrethrum extract: Insecticide/pesticide


Piperonyl butoxide: Pesticide synergist (meaning it acts with a pesticide making the pesticide more potent). 



*Ammonium laureth sulfate: Googled and found ‘very harsh’ surfectant, used to change chemical properties, helping them to better mix with water




Any chemical that kills pests is a pesticide, and all pesticides have the potential to cause serious side effects. Between the drugstore lice killing shampoo, egg and nit comb out gel/mousse and home lice control spray the following cautionary statements are listed: 


*Do not use near eyes, inside nose, on lice in eyebrows or eyelashes

*Causes eye irritation

*Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothes

*Do not use if allergic to ragweed

*Harmful if absorbed through skin

*Scalp itching or irritation can occur

*Do not inhale

*Harmful if swallowed

*Remove pets and bird before spraying






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