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Frequently Asked Lice Questions


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*What are lice? 

          Lice are small wingless parasitic insects that infest the hair on the head and live off of tiny amounts of blood they consume by biting the host.


*What are the symptoms of lice? 

        Generally, the first symptoms are itching and/or scratching in the area of the body where the lice feed. Itching the nape of the neck or around the ears may indicate lice. Upon close inspection of the scalp, eggs can be seen.


*Who can be infected by lice?

          Anyone may become infected. Lice are easily transmitted from person to person during direct contact and infestations are frequently found in school settings. 


*What are nits?

          Sometimes head lice are called nits, although nits are the shells of the lice eggs after hatching.


*How does lice spread?

          Lice are easily transmitted from person to person during direct contact. Lice can spread when an infected person shares their comb, brush or hat. 


*If one person in my family has lice, do I need to treat everyone?

          No. Perform a check on everyone and only treat those who have signs of lice.


*Can lice jump, hop, or fly from person to person?

          Head lice do not jump, hop, or fly, they crawl.



*Can my dog or cat catch lice?

          No, lice does not affect animals.








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