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 What are in All Natural Head   Lice Shampoos?   


Consumers are becoming more aware of what is being put

into their food as well as what is being put into their health

products. Pesticides that are being sprayed on our food

supply have alarmed consumers into demanding food

sources that have not been sprayed with pesticides.

Consumers do not want to put these pesticides on their

bodies either, and with the widespread super lice problem

there has become a demand for all natural lice remedies. 

One pesticide that is in over the counter lice treatments is

called permethrin. Along with other well informed consumers,

I do not want to put any chemicals or pesticides on my child’s head. Furthermore, I do not want to l

et these chemical and pesticides sit on my child’s head for

an extended period of time. The dangerous ingredient

shave side effect that are quite alarming. Some of the side

effects include seizures and rashes.

All natural lice killing shampoo contains gentle, natural

essential oils along with a special enzyme that safely and

effectively kills lice quickly.

If a family member has lice, a head lice shampoo that is all

natural should be your first choice too!















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