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Head Lice Treatment

When deciding which head lice treatment to use for your child there are a few things you to consider before making a decision.  There are several options, over the counter treatments, prescription treatments, at home remedies, and natural treatments. 

Over the counter and prescription treatments are filled with harsh chemicals that may be harmful to children, so before going that rout consider all possibilities.  Most head lice treatments on the market are mostly pesticides, so you may want to think twice before basically holding your child under the crop duster spraying the fields down the street.  Since this obviously would be a really bad idea you may want to look into natural options.

When thinking of using natural alternatives to a chemical head lice treatment, home remedies like mayonnaise and Vaseline are not recommended. These ‘home cures’ have not been proven effective, are very messy, and are very difficult to get out of your child’s hair.

A great alternative to chemical and ‘at home’ treatments would be a natural head lice treatment which can be purchased in some stores, and especially online.  Make sure to check for reviews and testimonials on the products to make sure they really work.  This will be a safer, more effective way to treat your children’s case of head lice, and you will not have to worry about cleaning out a glob of mayonnaise out of their hair!







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Head Lice Treatment
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