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Latest Lice News and Facts

Head lice are in the news a lot these days, especially when it is time to go back to school.  And head lice new is generally not good news.  The thought of lice crawling on your child’s scalp makes most of us shutter with fear.  It is so bad that many parents resort to toxic chemicals to remove these scary little bugs. 

The truth is that head lice that lice are not at all dangerous.  They do not cause physical distress or transmit any known diseases.  Yet, a clinical report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that head lice cause “a high level of anxiety among parents of school-aged children.” 

Much of the current lice news focuses on the fear of lice.  It is so bad that many states even have a “no nit” policy.  Sometimes children that don’t even really have lice are treated with insecticides.  A study by Richard J.Pollack at the Harvard School of Public Health decided that “ noninfested children become quarantined at least as often as infested children” and that the use of lice killing insecticides “are more frequently applied to noninfested children than to children who bear active infestations.”

The is a common misconception that hygiene or social class makes a person more susceptible to lice.  The truth is that anyone can get head lice.  These parasitic bugs do not care where your or from or how clean, or dirty, your hair is.  They are transmitted most often by direct contact of one head to another, but can also be spread through clothing, brushes, hats, and other items such as headphones. 

It is unfortunately impossible to completely prevent lice infestations among children, it is possible to teach children that it is best not to share personal items such as combs and hats.  Once you have a confirmed case of head lice it must be treated.  These little bugs will not go away on their own.  You can however treat them with natural head lice shampoo like Life Organics.  The full lice treatment kit will kill live lice as well as help remove the nits, lice eggs, that will lead to a new outbreak if they are not removed. 

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