The word lice immediately has me scratching behind my ears. When a note came home from school with my son stating there was a student in his class that had lice, I went a little  nuts. After doing a thorough check of my sonís head, I checked my daughter, and her friend that was staying the night. And yes, for the record, if the friend would have had signs of lice, I would have called her mom to come pick her up! If you have ever had a lice infestation at your house, you know where I am coming from.

After everyone was tucked into bed I called a fellow mom from the same class so we could discuss the latest news in the first grade. She admitted to me that it was her daughter that was one of the students that was sent home early with lice. Picked up at a birthday party two weeks prior she thought.We had been through lice before at our house and had great success with an all natural lice treatment I found on the internet so I told her about it. She had already treated, with a lot of hesitation, using a drugstore head lice shampoo. She knew the drugstore brand had pesticides in it but she really did not know where else to turn as she felt desperate. Now hours later she was feeling guilty for putting harsh chemicals on her daughterís head.

I emailed her the link to the all natural lice treatment and she ordered it and had it overnight shipping.