Why would you choose natural head lice

shampoo?  The question should be:   why would

you not choose natural lice shampoo?  It works

better and is safer for your children. 

Most lice shampoos you will find at your local

grocery, like Nix and Rid, are full of

pesticides and chemicals.  They have been

found to be dangerous for children.  They are

not good for the hair either.  It canít be a

good idea to put a pesticide that kills bugs

directly onto your childís head.  Especially

when, there is a much better alternative

solution.  Products with pesticides as their

main ingredient, also do not work all that

well.  Over years of exposure, lice have built

up an immunity to these chemicals.  If even on

louse is left alive on the head, you will soon

experience another breakout. 

Life Organics Head Lice Shampoo is a much

better solution.  We use a tested combination

of natural and essential oils that have been

shown to kill lice.  We also utilize an enzyme

treatment for nits.  Most products do not do

anything to remove nits, lice eggs.  If the

nits are left on the head they will hatch into

new lice in a short period of time.  This is

one reason so mean people struggle with

getting rid of lice.  They think they have

killed them all, but in fact they have left

nits that will soon become new lice bugs. 

Our enzyme solution is also all natural.  It

is used to weaken lice bugs, before the head

lice shampoo, and to loosen the nits from the

hair shaft.  Once the glue that is attaching

the nit to the hair is loosened it will be

much easier to comb the nit out with our

special comb.