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Mayonnaise Treat Head Lice

Mayonnaise Treat Head Lice?

Can mayonnaise be used to treat head lice?  You have heard this one before.  Your child has lice, just put mayonnaise on her hear and have her sleep in it overnight.  The logic is that the lice wonít be able to breath and will be smothered by the mayonnaise.  It really isnít that easy.  Lice are extremely resilient.  This treatment might work to kill a few of the lice bugs, but it wonít cure a bad case of lice.  If even one bug is left alive a new outbreak is just around the corner.  Plus, who want to sleep all night with a head full of mayonnaise, yuck!

You are much better off to use a proven natural lice treatment that will kill the live lice and remove any nits from the hair.  The nits are the lice eggs that are attached to the hair shaft.  These eggs have a sticky substance that sticks them to the hair and makes it very hard for them to be combed or washed out.  Life Organics uses an oil based shampoo with ingredients that kill lice and a separate enzyme treatment to remove nits.  Both processes are essential if you want to get rid of these persistent pests.  It is also necessary to comb hair thoroughly with a good quality nit comb.  Doing the job correctly the first time will save you a lot of frustration down the road. 







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Natural Lice Shampoo from Life Organics will make removing lice much easier and BEST of all you won't need to use unhealthy pesticides on your child ever again!





Head Lice Treatment
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