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Different schools have differing policies and guidelines on head lice prevention and control. Depending on where you live your school may have a no lice policy, a no - nit policy, or no policy at all. 

Head lice do not carry disease but they are still worrisome to schools and child care facilities. Many schools have an extreme no - nit policy. This can lead to children being absent for multiple days. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are all opponents of the no - nit policy. Both organizations do advocate a no - lice policy.

Your school should be screening all children when school starts up in the fall and ideally on a Friday. Kids do not need to leave the school early if head lice is detected. With the lice check being done on a Friday, parents have over the weekend to treat the child with a lice killing shampoo. If live lice are found on Monday during a school check, the child should not be allowed into the classroom and need to be  sent home . The child must be checked again the following Friday because it takes about six to ten days for nits to hatch. The parent should be urged to check their child and if live lice are found to re - treat. 

Natural lice remedies are an alternative to the over the counter pesticides that are found in drugstores. These often contain essential oils such as tea tree oil and peppermint. As well as being safer to use on children who have lice, they smell is much more tolerable than pesticide laden treatments. 







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