Oilive Oil Lice Treatment
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Olive Oil Lice Treatment

Many people want to know if Olive Oil is a good way to get rid of lice.  I have seen many articles touting Olive Oil as a cure.  The truth is that Olive oil is good for the hair, but used by itself it will not have a big effect on lice or their eggs. 

Life Organics Lice Shampoo does contain olive oil, but it is combined with other essential oils.  Research has shown that this combination of oils and natural ingredients will kill live lice.  The nits, lice eggs, must be addressed in another way.  These small eggs are attached to the hair shaft, usually about to 1 inch from the scalp.  Most lice treatments o nothing to remove nits and that is one reason many people experience a new outbreak a week to two weeks after the initial treatment.  Life Organics created an enzyme treatment that works to loosen the nits from the hair shaft making them much easier to comb out with a good lice comb. 







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Head Lice Treatment
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