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Head Lice Prevention

Many parents want to find out what they can do to prevent lice.  Complete lice prevention is not truly possibly, but there are some things that can be done to help. 

Children are much more susceptible to lice outbreaks than adults.  This is because of the way children live.     Lice outbreaks are worse when kids go back to school because at school they are in close contact with one another.  Lice are very limited in the way they spread because they cannot fly or even jump.  They are usually spread through direct head to head contact.  But they may also be spread through shared items such as clothing, hats, combs, headphones, etc.  Children also spread lice when they have sleepovers.

One of the best lines of prevention is to teach children to avoid sharing clothing and other items.  They should especially avoid sharing combs and brushes or any hair accessories.  Shared helmets can be a problem with sports.  It is always a good idea to buy your child their own helmet and tell them not to share with other children. 

The next line of lice prevention is early detection.  The sooner lice is found and treated the less likely a large outbreak will occur.  And you donít have to use harmful chemicals to get rid of lice.  A good natural lice shampoo made from the right essential oils will work even better than chemicals and it will not be harmful to you or your child. 

You will need to remove lice from the house as well.  Bedding and pajamas should be washed and dried.  And all brushed and hair accessories need to be cleaned.  Putting combs and brushes in the freezer overnight is a good way to be sure they are lice free.  Also vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture that has been used recently by the infected person is a good idea. 



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