Have you ever heard of scabies? If you have

never had them, be thankful. Scabies is a

highly contagious skin infection caused by a

tiny mite that is smaller that a pinhead.

The mite burrows up underneath the skin and

lays eggs. When these eggs hatch, these

mites burrow up into the skin and lay eggs,

thus starting a vicious cycle.

Scabies is caught through skin to skin

contact and has nothing to do with the

cleanliness of the person. It is so

contagious that you can catch it just by

shaking hands with an infected person.

Scabies is highly uncomfortable. Itching

occurs when the the person infected has an

allergic reaction to the waste left behind by

the mite. Secondary skin infections may occur

when a person scratches so much it tears the


Scabies tend to live in the folds of the skin.

Between the fingers, under the breasts, behind

the knees, the crooks of the elbows, and

between the toes are just a few of the places

where scabies thrive. The burrows they create

are noticeable by the naked eye.

Generally no test is needed to diagnose

scabies, but if one is, a doctor will scrape

the skin and view it under a microscope where

the mites will be visible.