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School teachers are having a ‘bugger’ of a time at school theses days. Many of their woes come not from the two legged creatures that inhabit their classroom but from the 6 legged variety - lice!


Just one mention of the word lice in the teacher’s lounge and you notice teachers start to scratch their heads and move away from each other. What it is about this small four letter word that strikes fear in the hearts of teachers?!


Linda Wyches a retired teacher from Georgia said when she was teaching her one recommendation to parents of children with lice was an all natural lice killing shampoo. “Natural lice treatment and a great comb will go a long way in helping to eradicate bugs in the classroom. Lice seem to have become immune to traditional over the counter methods.”


With no live bug policies and even no nit policies in the schools treating lice safely, quickly, and effectively is the number one priority of parents. 


An all natural treatment, a comb specifically made for grabbing nits, and patience will ensure your child a bug and nit free return to school!








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