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             Three Types of Lice

Did you know there are three types of

lice? Everyone know about head lice,

those dreaded bugs that seem to

sweep through schools every fall.

But did you know there is also body

lice and pubic lice?


Unlike head lice that live on the head,

body lice live in clothing. They also lay

their nits or eggs in clothing. Just like

head lice though, they feed on human

blood. Body lice is larger than both

head lice and pubic lice. Hygiene plays

 an important role in the prevention of

body lice. Generally people that are

clean and bath regularly do not

contract body lice. If you do contract

body lice, the best way to get rid of it

is to wash all your clothing, bedding,

and linens in 130 degrees F or hotter

water and dry in the hottest setting on

your dryer.


Pubic lice is also known as crabs. Not

only are they found on the pubic area,

they are also found in the eyelashes,

eyebrows, armpits and chest hair.  The

main way pubic lice is contracted is

though sexual contact. Toilet seats

and linens can also harbor pubic lice. 

As with body lice, your clothing,

bedding, and linens should all be

washed and dried on the hottest


















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